Newest Games 12 Many 12 Many How many stars shine in the sky? Now you can count them. Answer exactly correct and stars are added to your score. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:57:57 +0200 Deal Or No Deal Deal Or No Deal Open boxes in such a manner as to leave the biggest prize unopened. Based on nothing but luck.]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:49:58 +0200 Bow Man2Šaudyklės/bow-man2 Bow Man2 Practice archery battle against human computer archers or simply hunt birds with your bow and arrow.]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:42:26 +0200 Bow ManŠaudyklės/bow-man-2 Bow Man Aim your shot and power up to fire your arrow from your bow and kill the opponent. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:39:59 +0200 Hit Him Hit Him Hit him as many times in the face as possible.]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:35:06 +0200 Egypt Puzzle Egypt Puzzle Crack the intriguing puzzles and unlock the secrets of the pharaohs!]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:28:17 +0200 Age Of Japan 2 Age Of Japan 2 Age of Japan 2 continues oriental theme, that you like so much. Classic match three blends together relaxing music, nice and harmonious gameplay. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:25:57 +0200 Governor of Poker Governor of Poker Play a game of Poker with other computer players as you try to win all their money. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:22:58 +0200 Age Of Japan Age Of Japan Another Bejeweled remix with your dropping pieces and stone blocks you need to clear to level up. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:20:07 +0200 God's Playing Field God's Playing Field Kill more people playing god, at first you've only got a fist but there are a lot more attacks you can get later in the game. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:17:57 +0200 Atlantic Quest Atlantic Quest Another Atlantis based Bejeweled-like game. Drop the main pieces to the bottom to level up. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:13:37 +0200 Around The World In 80 Days Around The World In 80 Days You only have 80 days to circumnavigate the globe. Think that sounds easy? Use the unique chance to visit four continents and complete the inconceivable journey with this outstanding puzzle inspired by the classic adventure novel written by Jules Verne.]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:07:08 +0200 High Dive Hero High Dive Hero Want to join the Olympics high diving competition? Well now you can with this fun-filled game where you have to score points by doing different stunts or positions while on air and entering the water vertically. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:01:38 +0200 Apple ShooterŠaudyklės/apple-shooter Apple Shooter This is a precision flash game, you should shoot an apple from a guys head.]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 11:55:23 +0200 Rome Puzzle Rome Puzzle Match up enough gold to build your empire, but beware these tricky puzzles. Click two adjoining squares to swap them. Line up three equal to collect them! Collect all three types of resources to buy buildings for your city. New buildings will give you more valuable tiles and bonuses to collect. ]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 11:50:32 +0200 Uphill Rush Uphill Rush Bike, truck, quad, or skateboard… Race over hills and obstacles, but be careful not to fall!]]> Sat, 19 Nov 2011 11:29:25 +0200 The Rise Of Atlantis The Rise Of Atlantis Rearrange 3 jewels to make them disappear. Don't run out of moves to make.]]> Wed, 14 Sep 2011 17:27:08 +0300 Busted Busted Try to stare at this chick's hooters without geting busted.]]> Wed, 14 Sep 2011 17:14:14 +0300 Dr. Dentist Dr. Dentist Drill the patients teeth, but be careful not to drill the wrong one.]]> Wed, 14 Sep 2011 17:03:16 +0300 Shanghai Dynasty Shanghai Dynasty Play a game of Mah Jongg match up two corresponding tiles to remove it from the top.]]> Wed, 14 Sep 2011 16:56:35 +0300